Your ideal professional wealth planning partner ...

  • is an award-winning firm and one of only a handful in the UK which has achieved both Corporate Chartered Financial Planner and Accredited Financial Planning Firm™ status (would you really choose to work with a firm that hasn’t achieved the level of success and respect in its field that you have in yours?)
  • knows you, your situation and your objectives in detail
  • is on your side and by your side for the journey ahead
  • helps you to make consistently good short and long-term decisions, based on a deep understanding of your true position and all of the issues which really affect you
  • responds to you promptly and simply takes care of things for you
  • delivers much more for the same cost or often, much less, than you might already be paying in fees and costs elsewhere 
  • delivers clear value, in the form of both financial and life outcomes
  • has a sensible approach to looking after its clients’ assets, based on evidence, facts, Nobel Prize-winning research and simple mathematics, not guesswork, wild claims of unique ability and promises which, as sure as night follows day, will soon be broken
  • is accessible, friendly and approachable, and can deliver a continuity of quality service over the decades ahead which many firms will struggle to match (does it really make sense to engage a firm which has no team structure in place and in which the key personnel are close to retirement themselves?)
  • makes you feel clear, confident, calm and comfortable about your financial future

We can’t help you to accumulate wealth in the way that you have been successful at doing as a result of your professional achievements – nothing and no-one can – but we can help you to preserve or gradually grow the wealth you have, and give you the maximum possible freedom and confidence to really enjoy it, comfortable in the knowledge that your financial future is being sensibly looked after in partnership with a team of competent, caring professionals.