Your ideal wealth planning service...

  • helps you to answer the big questions, such as ‘How much is enough?’, ‘When can I afford to retire or sell my business?’ and ‘How can I ensure I never run out of money?’
  • helps you to negotiate the technical issues which accompany business and personal success, such as pensions annual and lifetime allowances and ensuring your tax affairs are well-organised
  • is highly personalised, not ‘one-size-fits-all’
  • helps you to achieve and maintain financial independence and a comfortable lifestyle indefinitely
  • simplifies your financial life 
  • frees up your valuable time
  • manages your wealth and the risks you are exposed to sensibly and efficiently
  • helps you to avoid costly mistakes and keeps you on track, year by year
  • focuses on reducing risks and preserving your purchasing power
  • follows a structured, understandable and engaging process
  • includes forward-looking annual planning meetings (as well as ad hoc meetings as required), which you actually enjoy attending!
  • dovetails with the advice and support you receive from your other, third party experts
  • communicates with you in a way that you can understand - without needing a PhD in Finance
  • empowers you to take sensible decisions, helps you to achieve freedom and control, and removes the burden of planning and managing your finances from your shoulders

If the above resonates with you or sounds different to the service you currently receive, we would certainly welcome an informal initial conversation with you, to establish whether we may enjoy working together.