Some of these are that:

  • it is planning, not portfolios or products, which ultimately changes lives. This is why planning is at the heart of all of our work with clients.

  • an investment portfolio without the proper context of a Wealth Plan is like an aeroplane without a pilot; it’s going to be a worrying, uncomfortable journey and you’re almost certainly not going to end up where you’re trying to get to.

  • financial planning is a process, not an event.

  • encouraging and supporting clients to take appropriate action is a core element of our work and value delivery, as it is ultimately only through taking appropriate action that progress is made.

  • good planning and service should pay for themselves.

  • while the sensible management of our clients’ financial resources is of course important, first and foremost our client is our client, not their money.

  • the delivery of an overall experience which our clients’ perceive to be enjoyable and of tangible value, both financial and non-financial, forms the foundation of a lasting and successful relationship.