At Chamberlyns, we deliver a service which is formed around the twin beliefs that proper financial planning is critical, yet in itself, money is not particularly important or interesting. On the contrary, we believe that the real value of money is in its ability to help you to live your ‘one best life’, by creating security and comfort, providing the means to support the people or causes which matter most to you and perhaps most importantly, delivering the freedom to choose how you live your life.

With this in mind, Chamberlyns exists to help its clients to make smart decisions about their money and remove the stresses, risks and time burden of handling complex financial matters on their own. In turn, this helps to ensure our clients have more and better choices, as well as the energy and freedom to focus on everything in their lives which is more important than their money.

As a business, our simple guiding belief is that we will do well for ourselves and our families as a result of doing well by our clients and more broadly, as an Accredited Financial Planning Firm™, we hope that alongside the country’s other elite firms we can play our part in helping to change the way financial planning advice is delivered, so that people can have confidence in it and truly understand both its value and the huge positive difference it can - and does - make to people’s lives.

It was our personal values, life experiences and skill sets which initially drew us into financial life planning, but it is being fortunate enough to witness first-hand the difference our work has made to our clients over many years (as evidenced by their generous testimonials), that genuinely makes us love what we do.