"A combination of reasons led to my choosing Chamberlyns: a small, local company, easily accessible and with whom I could feel that I was treated as a person and not just an account number. I have never regretted my choice.

After my initial apprehensions at letting a ‘stranger’ manage for me, I soon relaxed, and confidence further increased when I came to understand the high level of qualifications held by Michael and Geoff. On several counts I have come to rely on the team to manage my investments and to discover the issues that matter to me in making investments. Regular gentle prods and reminders draw attention to issues to be dealt with or that fall within my range of interests.

My many cash savings accounts have been slimmed down and reorganised and are a lot less confusing; the choices made and investment periods involved take into account my particular wealth management needs, which can be quite complicated.

Regular updates

I particularly like the risk assessment that is carried out at intervals; not only does this enable Chamberlyns to understand my attitude to risk, it also makes me think about this myself and has given me a greater awareness of the factors that I consider important in choosing investments.

Managing my income tax returns has never been a favourite of mine; it is a great relief to me that
Chamberlyns patiently keep that watchful eye now, while advising me of the tax-savings that my gifts to charities make.

The team at Chamberlyns are very professional and business-like with a friendly and relaxed approach. Our annual review may be a business meeting yet feels like a comfortable chat over coffee."

JC, Widow, Client Since 2006